Legal notice

CTS Concentra Treuhand
Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Grillparzerstraße 10
81675 Munich

Tel.: 089- 41 86 96 25
Fax: 089- 41 86 96 818

Managing Partner

Thomas J. Fischer, Tax consultant

VAT ID No. DE 129317845
Commercial Register Munich, No. B 67 100

Competent supervisory authority

Chamber of Tax Consultants for Munich (Federal State of Bavaria)

The legal professional title of “Steuerberater” (Tax Consultant) was acquired in the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal State of Bavaria).

The profession of tax consultancy is essentially subject to the following legal regulations:

A. Tax consulting legislation (StBerG)
B. Implementing Regulation on the Tax Consultancy Act (DVStB)
C. Professional Code of Conduct (BOSTB)
D. Tax Consultant Fee Regulation (StBVV)

The professional regulations can be viewed via the responsible Chamber of Tax Consultants in Munich ( under the heading “Service for visitors, Downloads ...”.

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